Hybrio Design is a loosely coupled, tightly coordinated group of five Belgian design & engineering agencies. We work with each other on a preferential, non-exclusive basis. Taken together, we employ more than 100 designers and engineers.

Clients come to us for an interdisciplinary, results-oriented approach, to cover all bases in their complex design assignments: design management, brand experience, product, interaction, service and systems design, as well as software engineering, engineering design, hardware prototyping and production services. We call this "connected experience".

Given all of this, we are eminently positioned to tackle complex, hybrid design problems and 21st century IoT challenges.

We are easy to do business with, talk straight and are open to partnerships.
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fosfor design


KAN is a crossmedia branding & design agency. We build brands, create inspiring user & brand experiences and deliver smart tools for sustainable brand management.

Raapstraat 14
2000 Antwerpen

Hans Kan
+32 495 52 10 45

Hybrio expertise partner for:

  • User/brand experience design
  • Rich internet applications
  • Interaction, interface & GUI design
  • Front-end prototyping
  • Online branding
  • Brand asset management


Kan cases


Namahn cases


Namahn is a design agency. We understand human behaviour, organisational processes and whole systems, which enables us to design purposeful experiences in complex, digital environments.

Rue de la Limite 21
1210 Brussels

Joannes Vandermeulen
+32 476 62 62 46

Hybrio expertise partner for:

  • User experience design
  • Information architecture
  • Service design
  • Safety-critical design


Ixor is a software vendor and services firm. We're also the maker of two commercial software products: IxorTalk (Professional Internet of Things ) and OOliba ERM (Solvency II compliancy for insurers).

Schuttersvest 75
2800 Mechelen

Roel Verbeeck
+32 476 44 86 23

Hybrio expertise partner for:

  • In depth software knowledge
  • Custom software design and development
  • Software solutions
  • IoT platform IxorTalk


Ixor cases


Voxdale cases


Voxdale is a design, engineering and research agency for design optimisation and industrialisation of products and systems.

Bijkhoevelaan 32C
2110 Wijnegem

Koen Beyers
+32 477 93 30 70

Hybrio expertise partner for:

  • Product and system architecture
  • Detailed engineering
  • Thermal management
  • Structural optimisation
  • Material selection
  • Industrialisation


Fosfor is a product design agency. We realise products from concept to completion, based on a profound knowledge of the design process: whether it's engineering, prototyping or verifications.

Zomerstraat 67
B-9270 Kalken

Bernhard De Paepe
+32 486 18 81 13

Hybrio expertise partner for:

  • Developing integrated product concepts
  • Product engineering and materialisation
  • Prototyping and verifications
  • Coordinating the production process


Fosfor cases